We strive to make Final Bow a positive and safe environment for our students and their families. Please review the Theatre and Dance participation guidelines, policies and procedures (below) ...and be sure to download a copy for your reference.

Thanks for joining us!

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Let’s put the dance in atten”dance”. Please make sure all dance, choir, Artistic Variations, Kendall’s Music Crew and Final Bow Company students are at all classes at least ten minutes before, so they can be dressed and ready. If you will be absent from class, please call or text our Final Bow phone so we can let the instructor know in advance. A make-up lesson will be offered free of charge for students with medical or family excuses. Excessive absence or tardiness may result in removal from portions of the act or number. Missed classes are nonrefundable. If you plan to discontinue lessons, a withdrawal form is required to be filled out. If Final Bow does not receive the withdrawal form, you will continue to be billed for the classes, until paperwork is returned. We recognize school activities are sometimes scheduled on the same nights as class, please make sure to let us know in advance. If it is feasible to come early or leave a class early please do so. Sports are a choice and Final Bow classes are a choice as well, please do not over book yourself so one activity is left lagging. We try our best to reschedule classes around large events for Greenville City Schools, such as the Homecoming Parade and Main Street Greenville events like Beggars Night.


*Please have your child use the restroom before class, as it is very distracting to use during class.



Rehearsal and performance attendance are just as important as class attendance. In order for the shows and rehearsals to run smoothly, attendance is mandatory. Missing a rehearsal or dress rehearsal may result in removal from the performance. We have limited number of rehearsals in the performance spaces and these rehearsals run more efficient when everyone is at the entire rehearsal. Please check dates in advance of all rehearsals and performances to make arrangements to have students attend promptly.


Make Up Classes (Dance Only)

A makeup lesson will be offered free of charge for students with medical or family excuses. Make up lessons need to be scheduled in advance, when a teaching assistant is available. If the student is requesting additional practice or the dance instructor finds it in the best interest for more rehearsals, the fee will be $15 an half hour or $25 an hour. Missed classes due to sports and school extras (not including musical performances) will not be offered a free makeup lesson.


If Greenville City Schools is closed, due to inclement weather, Final Bow will be closed, unless otherwise notified. If an instructor cancels a class due to illness or other personal issue, we will make an effort to reschedule those cancelled classes. Snow days may not be rescheduled. If weather improves, class will be as scheduled. You will be notified using our Remind app. Please check our Facebook page to double check the situation. Text messages are sometimes utilized in letting you know if classes will be cancelled, if you are unable to download Remind and are not on Facebook. Please make sure we have your correct current phone number. We will NOT notify students, as sometimes the message does not get to the parent or legal guardian.


Remind App

Remind is an app that Final Bow utilizes in getting out a mass announcement. There are two ways to use Remind; you can either download the app or accept the option to receive texts on your phone. This app allows us to contact the parent individually, as a class or the entire Final Bow family. Please make sure to use your name as your user name as we will only accept parent and legal guardians to receive messages.


Proper attire is required for each class; this allows the instructor to see proper body alignment and make accurate adjustments. Cover ups are to be worn outside the studio as well as a change of shoes must be worn. DO NOT WEAR DANCE SHOES OUTSIDE!

Proper dress attire WILL be enforced this year as it can be very distracting to other students. Students not willing to dress appropriately will be provided with proper attire for the day or asked to observe. If this becomes a habit, the parent will be notified. Please let us know if you need help with attire.

Ballet/Pre-ballet/Pointe/Pre-pointe/Lyrical- Leotard (color of your choice) and tights (color of your choice) are MANDATORY. Pink ballet slippers (canvas or leather only). Please check with instructor if you have any questions before purchasing. Skirts are permitted. Warm ups are only to be worn during barre work and stretching. Hair is to be in a bun or ponytail. Boys are to wear a plain t-shirt (no printing) and black jazz pants or bike shorts. Black ballet slippers.

Jazz/Contemporary- Leotard and tights (color of your choice), and Jazz shoes or ballet slippers approved by instructor. Warm ups only for stretching.

Tap- Leotards and tights (color of your choice) Cover ups may be worn. Tap shoes are required. Check with instructor before purchasing tap shoes. Students will not be allowed to wear tap shoes that have been worn outside as they become abrasive and gouge the dance floor.

Broadway/Production- leotard and tights (color of your choice) Ballet slippers or jazz shoe. Please check with instructor before purchasing shoes. Warm ups may be worn over leotard and tights.

Hip Hop- Cover ups are permitted or gym clothes. Tennis shoes MUST BE clean. Shoes will be bought later as a class. Sports bras and booty shorts are UNACCEPTABLE and will not be permitted. Please do not feel necessary to change your students clothes if they have ballet before or after. Leotard and tights are fine for Hip Hop as well.


Tumbling- Leotards and white tumbling shoes. Please check with instructor before purchasing shoes. Students must have a leotard on; shirts can and do come up and pants fall down, embarrassing the child.


Kendall’s Music Crew/Artistic Variations- please wear comfortable clothes that you can move in, such as gym clothes and clean gym shoes.


Final Bow Company- Please dress school appropriate



Absolutely NO sweat pants, jeans, dress, baggy pants, big t-shirts or pajama pants.


Please wait to purchase shoes until the instructor has determined what will be used in the recitals. Shoes sometimes are nonrefundable when purchased at dance supply stores. Final Bow will provide ONLY two shoe fitting days, one in August and one in January. If shoes are not purchased at this time, you are responsible for purchasing your own. Final Bow will no longer be ordering shoes. Uptown Dancewear in Richmond, Indiana will be ordering shoes and will have shoes available for purchase during the year. Judy will know the correct shoes for you to purchase. Much time and care has been taken into consideration for the best quality shoe for the best price.


It will be required that all students have necessary attire by the third class. We have a shelf of FREE shoes that have been donated to us and are for any student needing shoes. We ask that you donate back any shoes that your student has outgrown.


Hip Hop classes levels 1-4 will once again be shooting a music video. Hip Hop Kids will be learning a dance in class they will share at the in-studio performance. The other Hip Hop classes will be broken into two different dances that will be recorded by a professional videographer. We will not be purchasing a costume, but suggestions for outfits will be given. DVDs will be $10. Levels 3 and 4 will be dancing to Hair Up from the movie Trolls. We have partnered with Tangles Hair Salon and will be dancing in the salon on November 11th from 11am-1pm. Levels 1 and 2 will be shooting their music video November 11th as well, from 9-11am at the studio. More information will be sent home the first month of classes.


Tumbling classes will display the skills that they have learned during the in-studio performance. Costumes will be purchased for the spring recital and they will perform a tumbling routine with dance incorporated.


The other classes will perform a short routine that they have been working on during class the last week of classes in December at the in-studio performance. This may be an entire song or just a small portion of a song. The performance is just that, in our studio. It is nothing formal and the kids will be given ideas of things to wear for a “costume”. Nothing needs to be purchased for this performance. Since we are limited on space each student (family) will be allowed 4-5 visitors. The performance will begin at 6:00pm on your child’s evening of class, for example Monday’s in-studio performance is all Monday students. The performance is expected to last about 45 minutes and no longer than 1hr. More information will be available closer to time.


Final Bow Company will be performing A Seussified Christmas Carol this year for our Christmas performance. Final Bow Company is an auditioned group of children that meet twice a week on Monday and Thursday. Our performance will be at Memorial Hall December 1st and 2nd. Tickets are $8 each presale and $10 at the door. There will be a detailed schedule going home to all students involved.

Performance packets will be passed out prior to performance week with further instructions.


If you child does not wish to be in the performances, please notify the instructor immediately. Performances are not mandatory but highly recommended.


In the spring we will have our Annual Spring Curtain Call. Yet again we will be mixing things up with this performance and more information will be available during spring registration. The dates and times are set for this performance, so please mark your calendars NOW!


**Students will not be permitted to perform in the Christmas performance or Spring Showcase if any money is due, including late fees. If you are having difficulty paying for your classes, shoes or costumes help is available, including payment plans and scholarships.


Payments are due by the first lesson of each month. All payments and deposits are non-refundable. If payments
are consistently late, students may be asked to discontinue their classes, unless the directors have been notified and arrangements have been made; either scholarship or payment plan. Returned checks are subject to a $25 fee. If your child has a different last name than the person making the payments, please write the dancers name on the check memo line so that we can accurately credit the correct account. Separate checks are required for tuition, costume, tshirts, etc. Please do not combine multiple invoices or tuition on one check. This will help with confusion for our treasurer. One check per item.


Located in the studio is a payment wall. Each family will be assigned an envelope and the first class of each month, when tuition is due, the envelopes will hang from a clip. Please take down your envelope and place money or check in your designated envelope; please have correct change, as we do not keep a change drawer. When you have finished please place in the payment box which is located next to the payment wall. If you will be making a credit card payment, please note that there will be a $3.50 fee.


Costume fees are due by the second class in January to insure costumes can be ordered and arrive on time for our performance. We will be doing two fundraisers(October and January) to help offset the cost of costumes. Any fundraiser money that is raised will go towards the costume. Please note that withdrawal from class or the season will result in forfeiture of your money raised. The price per class for a costume for the spring performance is $45 for class levels 1-2, Preballet, Hip Hop Kids and Beginner and Intermediate Tumbling, $50 per class level 3, and $60 per class levels 4 and Lyrical. Any cost of costumes over this price, are typically taken care of by Final Bow and the donations we receive and fundraisers we have. There is an opportunity to participate in fundraisers to help pay or offset the price of costumes. Information will be given out at registration. Costume fees not collected by the second week of class in January will result in no costume. Please let us know immediately if assistance is needed so we can work out payment arrangements. Please remember we are nonprofit and understand financial difficulty.


Hip hop shoes

If your child is in Hip Hop they will need matching shoes for the Spring performance. Final Bow places a bulk order for these shoes. Shoe sizes will be collected from students in February and monies will be due shortly after. Hip Hop shoes typically cost between $25-$40. These shoes will be kept at the studio until the week of the performance to insure students do not wear and ruin or damage. After the performance hip hop shoes will go home. We typically do not wear the same shoes every year due to size differences and some companies run shoes for one year and then discontinue.

Performance Tights


Performance tights are required to be worn by all students. Footed tights are $3 a pair for students. Convertible tights are $4 a pair and body liners are $12-$15. I will have pictures posted in the waiting room the beginning of March. All tights will need to be ordered by Final Bow and from the same company. Money will be collected the second week of March. Fundraiser money cannot be applied to tight orders.


The waiting room is for students waiting to take class and parents waiting on their students. Please keep noise to a minimum as this can be distracting to students taking class. Please remain in the waiting area until your child is dismissed from class. No one is permitted in the dance studio during class unless given permission and ABSOLUTELY NO SHOES will be permitted on the dance floor other than dance shoes. Final Bow does not have a public bathroom and if you must use the restroom you must use Studio 2’s IN BETWEEN CLASSES ONLY. Final Bow encourages our parents to explore our downtown area. Moving to our new location has allowed us to become friends with our downtown neighbors and we want to support our local small businesses.


The dressing room is available for students needing to change clothes. Level 3 students and above are allowed to utilize this room during breaks in their schedule, however they must wait until they have class and NOT interrupt a class in session. Any foul play or excessive noise the dressing room will be closed and the students will have to wait in the waiting room. The students will have access to a refrigerator and microwave in the dressing room as well as a private bathroom. Water only is permitted in the dressing room and all messes must be picked up.


All students are expected to behave respectfully towards their teachers and other students. Final Bow does not tolerate bullying or any other type of intimidation. We want the performing arts to be fun and a form of self- expression for students. If this is not the case, please tell us and we will deal immediately with the situation. Any students not following the rules of Final Bow will be given a fair warning. If behavior continues the teacher will talk to the parents or guardians of the student. If behavior does not improve, the students will be asked to leave the studio and all deposits are non-refundable.


  • Students should come to class prepared; in proper attire, shoes and hair and ready to learn.

  • The performing arts are fun but also educational so horseplay will not be acceptable.

  • Students who misbehave will be asked to sit out of class. If behavior continues parents will be contacted.

  • Respect your instructors. Be considerate of everyone in class and at Final Bow.

  • Attendance is important. Please arrive on time. Excessive tardiness will result in students sitting out of the class.

  • No chewing gum or candy is allowed in either studio.

  • ONLY water is permitted in Final Bow studios and dressing room.

  • Cell phones MUST be left in the dressing room or dance bags.

  • All students must use a dance bag for dance shoes.

  • Student’s name should be on ALL shoes and clothing.

  • Final Bow is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

  • No parents or guests are allowed in the studios without permission.

  • Students are not to be in the studio without a teacher.

  • The restroom is to be used between classes not during.

  • Tend to your personal hygiene. Shower and use antiperspirant or deodorant before coming to class.

  • Parents are required to come in the building when dropping off and picking up their children/ we are not responsible for students unattended in the waiting room/dressing room or parking lot. Students are not allowed to wait outside or leave property under any circumstance.

  • Students and parents need to be aware that teachers correcting all dance technique will at times need to touch students so they understand the proper muscles they should be using.

  • All pre-ballet, ballet, jazz, tap, tumbling and hip hop classes consist of stretching and strengthening, push-ups, sit- ups/crunches and leg lifts are sometimes a part of the warm up, starting at Level 1 and modified for each level.

  • ABSOLUELTY NO SHOES on the dance floor other than clean dance shoes.

  • If a student is leaving the studio to grab something to eat, drink, or pick up on Broadway, there must be a letter from the parent stating this is OK.


  • *No Monday Holidays will be observed by Final Bow

  • *Picture Days will be scheduled close to rehearsals and performances

  • *Board Meetings are “typically” held on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 5pm

  • *Election Date for Board is held at Dress Rehearsal of Spring Performance

  • *Schedule is subject to change

  • *Pre-ballet students will have observation days the last class of each month, starting in October. This is for parents ONLY. Siblings and friends will not be permitted. These classes are for the parents to see what their child has been learning and to take home critiques and advice to get the parent involved.

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