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Final Bow Music


Final Bow: Center for Children's Performing Arts Music Department is the most recent department to be added to Final Bow. The music offerings at Final Bow were created to help our students build life long skills in music starting as early as age 3 up through High School. The different levels of Final Bow Music make it possible for students to plug in at any age or skill level.


Final Bow Chorus

Final Bow Chorus is a performance group for students age 10 and up. This group will learn vocal techniques for choral singing as well as singing in harmony. 


Rhythm Makers:

Preschool Music

Introduction to beats and simple rhythms through songs, movement, speaking, and simple instruments. Students will begin to build their foundation for music by learning how to find and recreate rhythms in various methods creating a hands on experience to learning basic music skills. Class open to students 3-5 years of age.



Early Elementary Music

Students will dive further into rhythms with the addition of dynamics, tempos, range, and other basic music theory. Students start being introduced to the notes of the scale and how all the elements come together to make a song. Open to students 5-9 years of age.

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