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Final Bow Dance

Final Bow: Center for Children's Performing Arts dance department is dedicated to teaching proper technique but also allowing for space to create.  Final Bow encourages their students to grow and explore self expression through dance to build a well rounded individual, not just dancer.  Students are challenged in class by a knowledgeable staff, up to date learning techniques and spacious studio space.  Final Bow offers ballet/pointe, jazz, tap, contemporary, hip hop, preballet, Irish and acrobats.  Start or continue your dance career today with Final Bow.


Final Bow Dance

Final Bow offers dance classes for students beginning at the age of three through adult.  Final Bow has a Spring Curtain Call Performance every year in May, at St. Clair Memorial Hall in Greenville, OH. This themed recital draws many from the community to attend every year.  Final Bow students participate in fundraisers throughout the year to help offset the cost of costumes and other expenses from class.  Final Bow also offers tuition free scholarships to students that apply. Final Bow dance season begins every Tuesday after Labor Day in September and ends in May after the Spring Curtain Call Performance.


Artistic Variations/

Kendall's Music Crew

Artistic Variations and Kendall's Music Crew are high energy dance classes for adult students with developmental disabilities paired with a current students at Final Bow and children with developmental disabilities and students creating a once in a lifetime bond through dance.  Class is held once a week working toward performances that are shared with the community through Main Street Greenville Events, private parts and other community events.  In December, Artistic Variations tours local nursing homes and shut ins bringing them Holiday cheer through their voices with the help of Perk's Party Bus. These tuition free class are supported by local grants and individuals. If you are interested in helping continue these opportunities, please consider donating by clicking on the donate button.


Warehouse Dance Project

"Warehouse" was created in 2019 with the vision to inspire young dancers to reach a higher level in their dance experience.  This auditioned group of students are between the ages of ten to eighteen with a personal goal to grow and learn through dance.  The dancers perform throughout the season at many events and travel to conventions and workshops.


Irish Dance

Students learn soft shoe techniques and traditional dances such as jigs and reels.  Classes are instructed by Amanda Rieman.  Amanda was a former dancer with the Richens/Timm Academy of Irish Dance in Dayton.  She qualified for and competed at multiple Mid-America Championships as well as World Championships throughout her 15+ year dance career.  Amanda began assisting in Irish Dance classes in middle school and went on to teach for the dance school during her college career.


Summer Dance Camps

Every summer students can pick from several dance camps offered at Final Bow.  Camps run from Monday-Thursday typically in July.

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Strength & Conditioning

Final Bow is now offering a class to build the well rounded dancer from top to bottom.  Classes will include different forms of exercise; focusing on strengthening the core muscles and overall flexibility, as well as learning about nutrition, injury prevention, and building self esteem.  This class is encouraged for all dancers age 10 and up.

"Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion." -Martha Graham



Artistic Variations and Kendall’s Music Crew  - FREE 

$30 per month- 30 min.         $70 per month- 2 hrs. 30 min. 

$35 per month- 45 min.         $75 per month- 2hrs. 45 min.

$40 per month- 1 hr.              $80 per month- 3hrs

$45 per month- 1hr. 15 min.   $85 per month- 3 hrs. 15 min.

$50 per month- 1hr. 30min.    $90 per month- 3 hrs. 30 min.

$55 per month- 1 hr. 45 min.  $95 per month- 3 hrs. 45 min

$60 per month- 2 hrs.            $100 per month-4 hrs. or more

$65 per month- 2hrs. 15 min.

*Multi-family discount (of equal or lesser value)

   10% off- 2nd child

   15% off- 3rd child

   20% off-4th child

   25% off-5th child 

Final Bow Dance Staff




Irish Dance Instructor




Ballet Instructor




Assistant Acro Instructor



Tap, Ballet and Contemporary Instructor

Warehouse Dance Project Director




Hip Hop, Tap and Jazz Instructor




Ballet and Tap Instructor

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